India Rupee Currency Poker

Playing poker online at Indian friendly poker sites that accept the "Indian Rupee" currency for deposit will find this page a useful guide for finding the best poker sites that use Rupees as a payment currency.

Best Indian Rupees Online Poker SItes

The official currency of the country of India is known as the Indian Rupee. The symbol most frequently used to represent the currency is Rs or Re. The Indian Rupee divides into units known as Paise (or one Paisa.) There are one hundred Paise in one Indian Rupee. The currency itself is tendered in Indian Rupee bills and both Paise and Indian Rupee coins. Other than India, the Indian Rupee is sometimes used in Nepal and Bhutan.

All Poker Sites Accepting Indian Rupee

There are several poker sites available for players who use Indian Rupee. One poker site that has a welcoming attitude towards the Indian Rupee is Poker Stars, a site founded by professional poker players that brings a bit of the glamour of the WSOP to homes across the world. Other poker sites that accept Indian Rupee include Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker. It should be noted however that none of these sites actually allow players to use the Indian Rupee to wager with. Instead, a player would buy chips in whatever denomination the casino uses with the Indian Rupee. The amount of money deposited will be exchanged according to the rate at the day of purchase.

Indian Rupee Friendly Deposit Methods

Players who use the Indian Rupee find that credit cards are the best way to make a deposit. Credit cards are fast and simple and are compatible with the Indian Rupee. A credit card payment will be exchanged into chips right away, so players can get started immediately. However, there are a few safety concerns when using a credit card online, as well as additional fees that may be assessed.

To get around the safety issues and fees, many people use electronic wallets, or e-wallets. A popular e-wallet that offers Indian Rupee transactions is Neteller. Neteller can be linked to a user's credit card or bank account and then used to make payments automatically online at merchants such as poker sites. Using Neteller to make Indian Rupee poker payments can be a rewarding experience as some poker sites offer bonus chips for Neteller deposits.

Another way to make a poker site deposit using Indian Rupees is through MoneyGram wiring services. Players can transfer Indian Rupees directly from a banking account into an online poker account. However, this method can take several days as the banks exchange information.  For more information visit our India Poker Online guide to depositing and poker sites preferred by citizens of India.