Indonesia Rupiah Currency Poker

Playing poker online in Indonesia at poker sites that accept the "Indonesian Rupiah" currency for deposit will find this page a useful guide for finding the best poker sites that use Rupiahs as a payment currency.

Best Indonesian Rupiahs Poker Sites

The Indonesian Rupiah, the official currency of Indonesia, borrows its name from the Rupee of India. The symbol for an Indonesian Rupiah is Rp, with the international currency code represented as IDR. One Indonesian Rupiah will divide into one hundred Sen. However, due to inflation, the Sen has become an obsolete form of tender. Other than Indonesia, the Indonesian Rupiah is also used sometimes in East Timor. In Indonesia, it is common to hear the Indonesian Rupiah referred to as a "perak" which is the Indonesian word for "silver."

Poker Sites Accepting Indonesian Rupiah

One of the best sites for players who use Indonesian Rupiah is Expekt Poker, which caters to players from Indonesia. Expekt Poker sees a lot of traffic from all over the world, including Indonesia, so there are always plenty of tables to choose from. Expekt Poker also offers several different types of payment options for players to make deposits using Indonesian Rupiah. Other poker sites that are suitable for players using Indonesian Rupiah are Bodog and Full Tilt Poker.

While all of these sites will accept deposits in Indonesian Rupiah, the sites themselves mostly use US dollars for betting purposes. A player will purchase chips with Indonesian Rupiah according to the current exchange rate on the day of purchase.

Indonesian Rupiah Friendly Poker Payment Methods

The easiest way to make payments using Indonesian Rupiah is through a credit or debit card transaction. These payments will go through instantly which allows players to start or continue playing without any hassle. Credit cards can be an expensive option however, as many companies charge many Indonesian Rupiah to complete a transaction at a poker site.

Some players prefer to purchase pre-paid credit cards to avoid fees. These cards are bought with Indonesian Rupiah at local merchants and work like a regular credit card. These cards are a much safer option as well, as the only amount on the account is the amount of Indonesian Rupiah the player paid to put onto it.

For players who do not wish to use a credit card, an international bank transfer can be made at many poker sites. The player chooses how many Indonesian Rupiah he wishes to deposit and then wires the money directly from his bank to the poker site. This is a popular option as the bank can convert the money prior to the transfer to ensure players receive the maximum amount of credits. However, bank transfers will take a few days to complete, so they do not represent an automatic payment option.  For more information read our guide to Indonesia Poker Online.