Innovative Ways to Use LED Strip Lights in Your Home

LED strip light installations allow you to dig into the depths of your creativity in order to create wide-varying effects in your home. You can choose from a diverse array of lighting colors, brightness levels, and even effects. The biggest advantage is undoubtedly the level of flexibility that you can get through these lighting fixtures.

Thanks to that flexibility, the LED strip light tape is increasingly being applied in many homes as a modern lighting solution. If you are engaging in home décor, strip lights can be a lot of fun as they help you in accomplishing a lot of unique and creative home décor ideas. Interior designers working with the lighting tapes can have long strips of beautiful uniform lighting. Additionally, lighting can also be used for wide varying applications and areas such as walls, floors, ceiling, beneath the cabinets and various other surfaces where you would not ordinarily install conventional lighting. When it comes to the use of an LED strip light, you are only limited by your imagination regarding the range of areas where you could potentially apply them. Here are some ideas that will get your creative juices flowing when it comes to applying LED strip light in home décor:

Used it to Enhance Architectural Elements

This is offers one of the best uses of LED tapes. They can be applied in emphasizing certain architectural features in the home such as the fireplace. It is one of the best ways of showing off your unique designs to your friends and visitors.

Use in Kitchen Task Lighting

They are also quite effective when used in lighting applications in the kitchen. The lighting can be run beneath cabinets in order to create bright light for the workplaces which are beneath the cabinetry where you chop the meat, and vegetables.

In Walk in Closets

The inside of many walk-in closets are generally darker but you can easily illuminate them with LED tape.  This allows you to see all the clothing easily and spot a particular piece of clothing and accessories easily. It doesn’t just illuminate the inside of the walk-in closets, but it also creates very stylish impressions.

Outdoor Patios

Outdoor patios can also be illuminated with the use of LED strip lighting. For example, the LED tapes can be added in the handrails in order to illuminate and also highlight certain beautiful design elements in the home. The versatility of LED strip lighting is such that they can even be used in curved decks. During the holidays or festive seasons, you can use the LED tape in order to create a cheerful mood in the place.

In Ceiling Coves

Add LED tapes in order to accentuate certain architectural elements in the ceiling coves. This not only has a stylish look and feel to it but it also adds extra lighting to any room where it is applied. The flexibility of  LED lighting also means that it can fit any type and shape of a ceiling cove.

Use in Bedrooms

There are lots of practical ways to incorporate LED strip lighting from world of thought in the bedroom either for decorative purposes or for task lighting. You can even use them to read when you are in the bed. They can generally be installed in the headboards in order to create ambient lighting in the bedroom.

Thanks to its versatility, LED lighting can be used in various innovative ways. The range of application is only limited by your imagination. You can apply them either for decorative or practical uses such as task lighting in various areas of the home. Visit